Нижний бак символизирует бездну соцсетей в которую неумолимо утекает энергия индивида.
В случае опустошения системы мы видим на мониторах кардиограмму неправильного сердцебиения, скроллинг соцсетей и сайтов знакомств.
Когда основной кран перекрыт, система наполняется и на мониторах мы видим визуализацию правильного ритма сердца и демонстрируется витальное видео.
Interactive installation.
The system responds to the filling and emptying of blood vessels.

CARDIUM is a demonstration of the way to keep the best in yourself. Mankind has been covered by an avalanche of virtual communication: today everyone is constantly surrounded by virtual interlocutors - individuals who broadcast their best features through social networks. You can get into the ruthless "meat grinder" of dating messengers, destroying everything living inside, equating you with a thing on a store shelf. Every second you are compared with someone, you yourself compare yourself with someone, and compare others. Confusion, change of values, self-doubt is growing. There comes a spiritual devastation - the beginning of the end of the personality. Social networks are the cause of the depression of millions of people. CARDIUM is a literal model of what happens to your heart when you are connected to social networks. Watch out for the emptying and filling of your heart! Stop the leak of your energy! Just turn off the tap. Give yourself the opportunity to fill up your heart again.