I was lucky to work simultaneously in four different areas: art, show business, advertising and fashion.

Four worlds! I have always been concerned with the question why these worlds, having a lot of common properties, in reality, don't form a single entity. Sometimes there is a temporary contact, but no more. Artists, celebrities, designers, advertising art Directors – all live in their own parties, as in the cells. In addition, each of the areas resorted to the use of methods and techniques of each other. There is an element of art in each of them in varying degrees. That's why I got the idea to work at the intersection of these four worlds.

I immersed in each of these areas thoroughly to create their unifying entity. I was fascinated by the process of mastering the methods peculiar to each of these areas. These are the skills of a sculptor, art director, director, editor, photographer, retoucher, artist, make-up artist, hairdresser, artist, graphic designer. A variety of skills is my main tool, which makes it possible to choose the environment that is the most suitable for the implementation of my ideas.
Now I am especially interested to develop in the direction of complex monumental photos, to create objects from polymer resins, to go shooting fashion and music videos.
The starting point of any of my work is the image; the creation of a certain key image, to be exact. Then I choose a technique that will give me the maximum resource for revealing of this image.
Like any artist, I have a complex of exciting topics: "the illusion of infinite choice in the metropolis", "the problem of infantilism of generations", "the duality of the function of fashion"...
Thus, the idea of applying the methods and philosophy of the four worlds leads to the creation of a unifying entity that has a chance to be useful, to carry something valuable, to help see something inconspicuous.